Hello, iz me.

It is getting too lame for me to keep on repeating myself and say that "it's been a while" and "yada yada". 

but it has really been more than a minute... more than a year exactly.

... and here I am... still talking, thinking and 懐かしい-ing about my Japan trip and other past trips. 

The last post was about my Japan saga and who knew, that was my last trip to date. Of course, we all know what happened in 2020 up till now...

For me, 2020 began on a good note. With a new job offer, in hand, signed, sealed and I was just counting my days at where I was, before making my transition. 

No, I am not going to share much about my experience, at where I was because let's just say I was not quite myself there and then. 

I learned plenty, good, bad, basically everything. I don't hate it but... you know what they say, "if you got nothing nice to say, don't say anything".

On to my current job...

Truth be told, I was not expecting it. I thought I botched the interview but here I am, after more than a year. 

I'm extremely thankful because it (the job) checked quite a number of things in my checklist.

1. It's near to home.

2. My team is really amazing and helpful. 

3. Different job scope. New things, it's not even PR or Corp Comms. 

4. My superiors don't helicopter manage me and they listened. 

5. Respect was and is given where it should be. 

6. Travel perks (hah! useless from 2020 till UFN) 

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Japan 2019: Tokyo (Part 4)

Nampaknya saya masih bersemangat untuk menulis berkenaan trip Jepun 2019 saya. 

After Osaka and Kyoto, we actually went to Universal Studio Japan (24 September) but I am going to put that in another post and combine it with my Tokyo DisneySea trip (26 September). 

So for part 4, I will cover our Tokyo leg of the trip. 

Picture from https://livejapan.com/
Picture from https://livejapan.com/

Without further ado...

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Japan 2019: Osaka (Part 1)

As promised, I'm going to share my somewhat detailed itinerary. 

I went with two friends, whom I can honestly say are some of the best travel buddies I've had so far. Somewhere during our conversations and discussions, I was like, "I know I'm travelling with the right people".

This is the Osaka edition. 

So, here goes!

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Japan 2019

Hey, it's been awhile since I last posted anything. I do realise that has been my usually opening for any new post nowadays. It's been too long and gone are the days when people actually took the time to blog.

I recently came back from my trip to Japan (the longest trip, so far). Many of my friends and acquaintances have been asking for my itinerary. So, I thought, Imma do it. 

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"As I get older, I realised that "putting in the work" does not just apply to our careers. It applies to everything in life. Everything that we want requires work. Sustaining a beautiful and healthy marriage requires a lot of work. Maintaining friendships requires work. Being happy and choosing to always see the positive also requires work. So really, every single thing that we wish to attain is within our grasp, but only if we are willing to put in the work for it." 

"Despite some of our best efforts, we will still inevitably, sin. Because we are humans. But to constantly hide behind our sins as a reason to not move forward - now that's hypocrisy. Because Allah SWT has promised us, that no matter how many times we do sin, if we come back to Him in sincere repentance, He will forgive us." 

Quotes taken from Tuesday Love Letters by Aida Azlin.

The struggle is real

I wanted to write about my struggles + updates (maybe).

So, on to what I was struggling with (still struggling actually).

I recently subscribed to an online love letters(?). Actually it's called 'Tuesday Love Letter' by AidaAzlin (go check 'em out here: https://www.aidaazlin.com).

Almost in an instant, as I read the letters, one after another... I was overwhelmed... with all kinds of 'feels'. It goes from, feeling a sense of accomplishment, remorse, happiness, relieved and many more. 

Basically, I was feeling all kinds of feelings in a very short period of time. Then I got to these two particular letters on being a hypocrite and struggling in life. As far as I can remember, I have been a hypocrite and I have struggled for almost all of my life. 

Everyone has, obviously.

Hear me out, sometimes, all you needed is some form of validation. I needed to validate on why I'm (and was) feeling a certain way or why I was in a particular situation.

My SOPs and principles in life are very simple. Whenever good or bad things happened to me, I will take a step back and evaluate the whole situation including my mental and spiritual state at that moment. 

Honestly, I usually took these steps when bad things happened (which really needs to change, as I need balance in my life). 

The steps are as follows:

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The good old days of blogging

*image from https://www.garyvaynerchuk.com/
*image from https://www.garyvaynerchuk.com/

I have been contemplating on what to write. 

I have been for a while. Writing one thing after another, going back and forth from one topic to another but none were published.

As I skimmed through my early posts on this very blog, it's obvious I am no longer the same young girl who started a blog. I started a blog for the sake of writing and sharing my thoughts, etc.

Linguistically and style wise, improved, rather well but with more rooms for improvement, of course.

It used to be very open, not very wise but honest. No holds bar, everything was transparent. Mostly candid, naïve and raw. To an extend I questioned my intentions and sanity. 

Perhaps that's what being angsty is all about. Especially now that I am older and slightly wiser, I see it for what it is. It's cringe worthy but also innocent, putting it on a pedestal. It was a young girl's effort, trying to hone her writing skills at the expense of a private life. Young girl no more but a woman I have become now (still open for argument though).

But back in the day, there were no such things like Facebook, Instagram and all those cahoots. Social media was a non-existent term. Blogging was the 'IT' thing for everyone at that time. Okay, for people my age, at that time. 

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*Originally posted on instagram on 8 August 2018

Terima kasih and salam sayang to all who wished me on my birthday. 

The wishes gets more and more grand and overwhelming over the years with the usual suspects, the usual modus operandi(s) and some new friends. 

Counting all my blessings for everything that has happened, good and bad because they are equally as important. 

It made me who I am today. 

I pray that I will never stop or give up to become a better version of myself for me and the people around me.

With another year added in my account, I pray that I will be better than before.

To be wiser than yesterday.
To be mature beyond myself age.
To be bolder than before.
To be stronger than ever.
To be kinder and more forgiving.
To be beautiful inside and out.
To be humble always.
To be present in the moment.
To remember where I came from.
To love harder.
To live.
To be.